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Praise for Push The Button:
"Push The Button is a unique take because it provides a healthier illustration of BDSM lifestyle and explores the dynamic between a black man and a black woman engaging in this type of love." - Brionna Jimerson, NBC
"Push the Button is not written for tourists, which I appreciate. I love learning about new things and I think that any storyteller who is skilled and sincere can also educate the reader without pandering, watering down their content, or turning it into a textbook. Push the Button goes so much further than the hackneyed "You’ve been a bad girl . . ." trope that is so often portrayed" - Pia Glenn, XO Jane
"Push the Button is revolutionary for one reason: It’s one of the few books that tell the story of the kink community, from the perspective of people of color." - EJ Dickson, Daily Dot
 Praise for "Born Free":
"Great fictional account of rarely discussed bombing of Black Wall Street. The imagery given to the 2 days of extreme loss will not be forgotten. A sad telling of a tragic event but I recommend for folks of all ages wanting to learn more about what it was like for black people there during that time."
"Absolutely brilliant. Excellent historical read for those unfamiliar with the demise of "Black Wall Street" as well as a sensitive treatment of a young man's survival and freedom."