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Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should purchase PTB (including several reader reactions!)

  • Black Love: Get Over 50 Shades of Grey and Read Push The Button by Brionna Jimerson for NBC

  • Excerpt feature on EBONY.com 

  • No Shade (Well, Maybe a Little), but Fifty ShadesDoesn’t Get BDSM Quite Right via The Root

  • 7 Kinky Books and Movies Way Better than 50 Shades of Grey on Daily Dot

  • 10 Lusty Works Of Erotic Literature Other Than 'Fifty Shades' on Bustle

  • An interview with blogger, Allison Granted (review included)

  • Review by Type 4 Naturals

  • “Push The Button” Review #PTBBook by Real Goes Right

  • "If Loving This Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right" by Batty Mamzelle

  • Feminista Jones’s “Push the Button” is the “Fifty Shades of Grey” Alternative I Needed to Read by Pia Glenn for XOJane.com

  • FEMINISTA JONES IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL Interview with Very Smart Bros

  • Feminista Jones: Pushing Buttons You Didn’t Know You Had…by Afro State of Mind 

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