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Push the Button is an erotic fiction novel that drips with urban professional cool and sophisticated sensuality. The novel explores the relationship of  Nicole and David, two 30-something, professional, Black Americans who, on the surface, are just like any other couple—they travel, work hard, and spend quality time with family and friends but behind closed doors they live a kinky, intense Dom and Sub lifestyle. They have their boundaries, they play by the rules, and they seek to ascend to the highest level of pleasure a couple can achieve by indulging in their deepest fantasies and exploring the darkest corners of their minds.

"In Search Of..." is a preview to the next installment of the Push The Button series that introduces us to Antonia, a wickedly delicious lesbian Domme. Antonia has been in The Life for over two decades, rising to popularity and notoriety with her insightful books and her masterful exhibitions. Like everyone, Antonia has secrets and in this sneak peak, we learn how one intense moment can change everything.

"Born Free" is Feminista Jones' first published short story, first young adult story, and first period piece set during the Tulsa Riots of 1921. When a small town comes under attack by violent bigots, the people must come together if they have a chance of surviving. "Born Free" is the story of transformation and liberation in the face of desperate uncertainty.

"Girls Night Out" is a sexy, queer, romantic short story inspired by a character created during a humorous Twitter conversation. Sometimes, "Girls Night Out" isn't what you think it is. What happens when a woman is fed up with her boyfriend and finds comfort in the arms of another woman? Read this exciting, sexy short story to find out!